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The Mystery of the Pyramids

The only remaining wonder of the ancient world, the Great pyramid in Egypt has captivated the imagination of millions for thousands of years. Not only are the pyramids in the Giza complex an amazing feat of engineering but they also remain a mystery as to the purpose of such structures. Many of us rarely wonder why would a civilization would spend so much time and resources to create structures meant to last thousands of years. Partly because we have been tough in school that the pyramids were simply tombs for Egyptian pharaohs, however when one starts to ask questions and look deeper into the issue, a mystery emerges. Continue reading

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We begin our Journey

Hello my name is Oswaldo Diaz and welcome to a different past! Here we will explore different topics to which Modern Science and Archaeology seem not to have a concrete explanation on. As our technology increases and our perspective about our place in the universe broadens we have an opportunity to revisit ancient civilizations and ancient mysteries in a new light. We will explore different theories surrounding our past to hopefully gain a better understanding of our roots in the ancient past.

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