The Mystery of the Pyramids

The only remaining wonder of the ancient world, the Great pyramid in Egypt has captivated the imagination of millions for thousands of years. Not only are the pyramids in the Giza complex an amazing feat of engineering but they also remain a mystery as to the purpose of such structures. Many of us rarely wonder why would a civilization would spend so much time and resources to create structures meant to last thousands of years. Partly because we have been tough in school that the pyramids were simply tombs for Egyptian pharaohs, however when one starts to ask questions and look deeper into the issue, a mystery emerges.

The most common theory behind the constructions of the pyramids is the one with the least amount of evidence, that they are tombs for pharaohs. There have been no mummies found inside any of the pyramids in the Giza Plateau. We are also told that the 3 large pyramids at Giza were built in intervals of 20 years each so as to match the Pharaohs dynasties.
The great pyramid has  2.3 million stones some of which weigh up to 100 tons and has a base of  13 acres. At 10 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year the Egyptians had to place  a stone every 2 minutes to match this chronology. All of these stones quarried and placed so perfectly that the apex, that is the very tip, is only a quarter of an inch off center. These rocks were placed with amazing accuracy all with vines and copper tools according to mainstream archaeology.

The Egyptians recorded many aspects of their lives in many ways via hieroglyphs, papyrus, sculpture, paintings and more. Yet their most amazing feat, the construction of the pyramids is not mentioned at all. On would think that such a monumental effort would receive at least some kind of acknowledgement in Egyptian records but nothing was ever recorded about its contruction. Not to mention that no writing is found inside any of the Pyramids either.

So who built the pyramids according to the Egyptians? Their answers is the same as many other ancient civilizations like the Mayas and Aztecs. That Sun Gods were responsible for building them as well as giving them knowledge that gave rise to their civilization.

As we touch on these simple details we can see how the original story that is endorsed by mainstream archaeology falls apart.
Unfortunately you will not get a PHD in archaeology and wont be taken seriously if you do not agree with the established history. This is where we meet renegade archaeologists and independent researchers like Graham Hancock who suggest that the Pyramids were actually built around 10,500 B.C. instead of 2500 B.C. which is commonly accepted.

3 facts point to the date of 10,500 B.C.

1) Graham Hancock has found that the position of the three large pyramids at Giza mirror the belt in the constellation or Orion, which in term was associated with the Egytian god Osiris. The constellations in the sky rotate and make a complete spin around the polar star every 25,920 years, this is called the precession of the equinoxes or the “great year” as termed by the greek philosopher Plato. When we turn back the dial in the Egyptian sky to 10,500 B.C. we find the Orion constellation at its lowest point in the northern sky. Amazingly the Sphinx which represents a lion is looking directly at the constellation of Leo at this point in the past too.
2) The weathering around the Sphinx’s enclosure as well as on the Sphinx itself is indicative of extensive water damage by heavy rain. The last time it would have rained in such a way as to create this damage would have been around 10,500 B.C. when the climate in Egypt was more humid.3) A total of 22 pyramids called the band of peace stretch along from north to south in Egypt. The outline of the pyramids match the shape of the Nile river. It has been proven that the Nile has moved throughout the years. Incredibly we find that if we revert time to 10,500 B.C we find the Nile river passing next to the band of peace. It makes sense that ancient civilizations would have built their cities next to water sources.

As for the purpose of the pyramids the theories are many, from inter dimensional portals, energy generators, ancient observatories and more. The secrets of the pyramids are yet to be revealed for those who are willing to swim against the current and defy old paradigms that have been holding back scientific progress since the times of Galileo.

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One thought on “The Mystery of the Pyramids

  1. Nice post. There’s an interesting documentary series called Ancient Knowledge circulating YouTube that you may enjoy. It’s time for academia to embrace a new understanding regarding human history and shelve the antiquated notions that these ancient structures were built by unsophisticated peoples using ropes and pulleys.

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