Origins of the Star of David

Part of being of being a human is being able to interpret and recognize symbols. The oldest symbols in human history are often religious symbols like a cross, a swastika or the Star of David.

The Star of David has been used by many cultures before ending up on Israel’s flag. In ancient India the symbol was used to represent the heart chakra. Part of India’s vedic tradition holds that the human soul is united to the physical body through 7 main energy vortexes that correspond to specific organs and glands in the human body. The heart chakra which corresponds to the human heart has been symbolized for thousands of years with what we call today the Jewish Star. In Kabbalah which is an ancient Jewish esoteric tradition the symbol is used to represent the unity between male and female. An upwards pointed triangle symbolizes man and a downwards pointed one symbolizes the female.

In ancient Babylon, King Solomon used his ring to command demons and wield magical powers. This ring had a specific image on it that became known as the seal of Solomon. This seal is the same Jewish star. The Palestinians and the ancient Hebrews worship a god by the name of EL. This god is associated with the planet Saturn. The Greeks also worshiped Saturn as the god Cronus, who was later dethroned by his son Zeus.

At the north pole of Saturn lies an immense Hexagonal shape first observed by the Voyager 1 probe in the 1980s. The hexagon has remained and sighted again by the Cassini probe in 2004. The Hexagonal shape is the basis of the Jewish Star shape and also the outline for a 3 dimensional cube. A cube and a star of David are central to Jewish religious traditions. The cube called the tefilin is worn by many Jewish people on their foreheads and arm. It is interesting that both of these shapes can be derived from the planet Saturn’s hexagonal weather anomaly. Pictures of Saturn were not available until the 1980’s, yet the Jewish people associated this planet with their god EL and have been displaying symbolic images that correspond with Saturn’s strange anomaly for thousands of years. 

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