The Pyramids of China

Located within 100 kilometers of the city of Xi’an, on the Qin Chuan Plains in the Shaanxi Province, central China lie the remnants of an unexplored ancient civilization. In the last few Years the Chinese government has release pictures of hundreds of previously unknown ancient pyramids. These pyramids remain unexplored due to strict government policies surrounding them. Nearby farmers are encouraged to grow their crops over the pyramids in order to hide them from the satellite view. There are over 100 pyramids, made of clay, that have become nearly stone hard over the centuries. Many are damaged by erosion or farming. On March 28, 1947 the “New York Times” reported about that discovery. In an interview with the newspaper, the former far east director of the Transworld Airlines, Maurice Sheahan, says he has seen 40 miles southwest of Xian a gigantic pyramid.“I was impressed by its perfect pyramidal form and its great size,”says Sheahan. 

One pyramid is as large as the Pyramid of the Sun of Teotihuacan in Mexico (which is as large as the Great Pyramid of Giza). Most are flat topped, some have small temples on top. There is a stone pyramid in Shandong, about 50 feet tall. Some incorporate the golden proportion. The myths surrounding the construction of these pyramids describe how the sun gods built them.The myth also describe these sun gods as blue eyed blond hair people. This would suggest that the ancient history of China was influenced by Europeans, a position the government didn’t want to see itself into. Several mummies have been unearthed near the pyramids in China. These mummies have light hair and skin as well as Caucasian like facial features. The YingPan mummy measures 6’6 ft tall dwarfing the height of China’s native population.

Similar discoveries have been made in the US when in the late 1800’s the fossils of giants were found under the mounds in the Ohio Valley. These mounds resemble the pyramids of China both of them being built with soil stone and clay. While scientists speculate that pyramids were built as tombs for emperors others attribute supernatural energetic capabilities to them. What is certain is that these structures are shrouded in mystery. Often myths of Caucasian looking giants are attributed to their construction and other times the actual remains are found. The Chinese pyramids have still a lot of information to reveal about our human past and origins.



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