The Ancient Civilization Connection.

Throughout the world we find the remnants of ancient civilizations who left behind impressive structures. Main stream history holds that the ancient cultures of Egypt, Mexico, China, Peru, and the south pacific islands developed independently. However, their masonry skills and religious ideologies are virtually identical. All around the world we find enormous pyramids made out of huge slabs of rock, dirt, and clay. Scientists from around the world have been unable to uncover the methods employed by primitive man to build these marvels. The same cultures that built pyramids structures also mummified their dead. From China to South America mummies have fascinated the public both in museums and treasure movies. Today no known culture mummifies their dead anymore, not even isolated tribes newly discovered tribes. This practice seemed to have died down along with building huge pyramids.


Sun worship and a deep understanding of astronomy was also a key feature of the pyramids building cultures of the past. This culture’s fascination with the night sky was a major part of their religion. In the mythologies of these culture they they describe the stars as a point of origin for man and ancient gods. The Egyptian Gos Osiris is symbolized by the star Sirius, while Horus, his sun, symbolizes our sun. In Mexico, the Maya built their pyramids to align with the positions of the stars in the night sky at specific dates. On May 20, 2012 at the Pyramid of Kukulcan in Chichen Itza, a shadow of a serpent can be observed descending the pyramid to meet a rock serpent head which was carved into the pyramid for this specific event. Similar alignments are present at Chaco Canyon in New Mexico. Here lie the remains of large semi circular cities. These are built with main roadways that align perfectly with the rising and setting sun on winter and summer solstices. In Egypt researcher Graham Hancock has noted that the alignment of the pyramids in Giza match with the positions of the stars in Orion Belt.

In terms of writing these cultures display only variations. One is no writing like the builders of Tiwanaku in Peru and Cahokia in Illinois. The other is hieroglyphic style writing which both the Maya and the ancient Egyptians used. The story of an ancient global flood that destroyed an ancient race is another similarity connecting these ancient civilizations. As the age of information allow us to look at our world through many other perspectives, old ideologies will eventually be replaced and no connection will remain hidden under the noses of the world.

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