Cro Magnon and Atlantis

While anatomically modern humans have been around for at least 100,000 years the Cro Magnon are a relatively young phenomena. They first appear in the fossil record around 40,000 years ago vanished, at the end of the last ice age around 10,000 B.C. They possessed larger brains than modern humans and Neanderthals. These and many other features have made the appearance and origins of the Cro Magnon a mystery

According to linear evolution the Cro Magnon should have been shorter and smaller brained than the average for humans today.

A second and major puzzle for anthropologists is that Cro Magnon man appears to arrive with his culture from no discernable origin. He does not show any discernable development. His culture was distinctly superior to others around him. This could be seen clearly in the nature of his superior tools and art work. They painted the amazing cave walls of Lascaux in France and carved intricate ivory statues. This culture does not appear to come from any source that we can identify. Their culture gives all the appearance of arriving from elsewhere already developed.

The Cro Magnon conducted a series of invasions on the western shores of Europe and Africa, even including some of the Atlantic isles next to those continents. Always the sites are clustered in the west, the number of sites diminishing towards the east (with an exception in the Levant). Combe Capelle sites [of more ancient European man] are more or less evenly distributed all over Europe and the Near East. This has been a mystery that has plagued anthropologists for over a hundred years. To the west, there is nothing but empty ocean: How could the invasions come from that direction?

To solve the mystery of Cro Magnon, there is one simple step to take – look at the distribution of his sites where his bones have been discovered.What a visual check of the map makes clear is that Cro Magnon sites hug the Western shores facing the Atlantic Ocean for Europe and northern Africa. And as referenced above, the number of sites thin out as one moves eastward. The Cro Magnon came from the West. They had developed their culture in the West.

Plato’s dialogues Timaeus and Critias, written in 360 BC, contain the earliest references to Atlantis. He describes the location of Atlantis being in the middle of the Atlantic ocean at the same latitude of Europe. Plato states that this civilization came to an end around 9600 B.C. after a series of Natural disasters eventually swallowed their land under the ocean. At this date every culture present in northern hemisphere of Europe disappears. The Pleistocene extinction saw the end of hundreds of genera of animals and the Cro Magnon.

Before this event the Cro Magnon had endeavored in 4 invasions across Europe and northern Africa originating from the west. These invasions were accompanied by innovation in the stone tools and hunting gear of the time. Many authors have suggested that these invasions originated from Atlantis. The region attributed to Atlantis lies in what is now the Azores Islands. Large parts of this land were above sea level at the time the Cro Magnon were on earth. The Ice age concentrated the ocean waters frozen at the poles, resulting lower sea levels that would have allowed for many areas that are today under water to be habitable.

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3 thoughts on “Cro Magnon and Atlantis

  1. Excellent article but I would go one step further as to say scientist haven’t been looking far enough east of this location they describe as being the source for such an invasion.There is already strong evidence that a older and obviously very technical civilization had existed on the shores of south Cuba.You don’t need a mysterious continent in the middle of the Atlantic ocean either.Just mainly connect the dots on whats already been found in the Caribbean and around the Florida keys..There is Bimini rd and a host of other really interesting finds ,that is if the diving archeologist were allowed to bring more finds up without “destroying the reefs” as the coral huggers call it.Sorry but that goes too far in protecting the reef.The historical value outweighs the possible damage to the reef.I think a few pieces pulled up aren’t going to collapse the ecosystem.Anyways if one just connects the dots along all the ancient dig sites along with what the underwater archeologists have found it clearly points to a ancient civilization that influenced many peoples of the area.The Incas point to the east.The Greeks point to the west .In the middle of this is a ancient sunken city,a 6,000-year-old city submerged in deep ocean waters off the western coast of Cuba.The structures are buried under 1,900 to 2,500 feet (600 to 750 meters) of water. All of this predates several civilizations.Its like the Big Bang ,just run the clock backwards.Clearly modern archeologist need to revise they’re way of thinking and may have to rewrite some of the books on they’re accepted model of human migration..In the peat bogs of Florida Caucasian skeletons have been found going back 8,000 years.Seriously run the clock backwards and its obvious where the Atlantis myth comes from.

    • fiona smith

      dick wad

    • differentpast

      The sunken City in Cuba is indeed under several hundred meters of water. The last time our sea level was low enough to allow a settlement like that one to be above water was before the Last ice age. Likewise, many other areas that today remain under water were exposed in those days. In the Atlantic the Azores islands are interesting candidates for the possible location of this mysterious mid Atlantic city of Atlantis. There is no doubt that larger land masses existed in the mid Atlantic before the last ice age. Perhaps the invasions came from this area as their inhabitants moved out from increasingly flooding areas. The Celts have legends and myths about waves of giants who came from the west and invaded Europe in the ancient past. Today these are known as the Cro Magnon invasions.

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