Archetypes in Entertainment throughout history

Sometimes its hard to think outside the box when you are born inside one. But on a rare occasion you catch yourself in brief moment of lucidity where you see things from a completely different perceptive. Its like looking at the world from from outside yourself and realizing the strangeness of it. For example, I was at the movie theater recently, and while I was enjoying the movie, in other words mesmerized by the flashing lights, I suddenly realized that we were around 200 people seating in a dark room, staring at a projection for hours.


Why would we devote so much time and energy to this strange ritual? The answer lies in the archetypes founds in popular movies. Movies like Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia and video games such as the Elder Scrolls series and Warcraft feature fantastical and far away lands. These themes are the same ones found in mythologies from around the world. Recently, the movie Thor borrowed directly from the Norse creation myths, while the witch craft in Harry Potter resembles that of the ancient Druidic tradition from thousand of years ago. Hollywood is filled with Greek and Roman movies based on myths that can be traced all the way back to the first civilizations in Mesopotamia.









While the movie industry has become saturated with many kinds of films, movies that borrow from ancient tales still captivate our attention and remain strong amidst the crowd. Recently the show Ancient Aliens has suggested that the myths of from around the world were describing real events attributed to an extraterrestrial influence. Others like Immanuel Velikovsky and Zecharia Sitchin cite the obsession of ancient civilizations with the sun and the stars to suggest that these myths actually describe celestial events in space, and were later anthropomorphized. Both theories stress that the reason why we keep retelling old stories in the shape of ritual dances, plays and more recently blockbuster movies, is because they describe events that are of incredible importance to our history. While languages and scriptures may be lost and forgotten, myths and legends transcend time.








I believe that the myths and legends describe a little bit of both, celestial events and extraterrestrial intervention, after all “As above so below.”

Secret societies throughout history such as the Egyptian and Greek Mystery schools, Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, and Freemasonry among others, have explored mythology in the same way. While secret societies have had a head start when it comes to uncovering our true history, the general population has got the ball rolling with shows like ancient aliens, and authors who push these ideas forward, despite being condemned by mainstream history. An area I believe could hold much promise is the study of ancient dance rituals. Perhaps hidden in the patterns of movements hide messages awaiting to be deciphered. After all, just like myths, they have also survived the test of time.











So why do we sit and stare at projections for hours? Because in them are preserved the archetypes that have been filtering into human entertainment since the dawn of civilization. Because before we had the big screen we were already devoting hours listening to stories and legends. Originally, we did as a mean to preserve knowledge, but as time goes by ideas become distorted and today we see them holding no value other than entertainment. Now a days, whenever I see a big movie I can see the mythology all around it, like threads that weave human experience through time and space.


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