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The Winged Disc, All Seeing Eye, and Nibiru

The winged disc is a common religious icon for many ancient civilizations. However, it is most commonly associated with Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures. The symbol has also been found in the records of ancient cultures residing in various regions of South America as well as Australia. While the symbol is associated with the sun, a closer inspection of ancient wall reliefs, Sumerian seals, and free masonic symbolism reveal a different interpretation.

In the earliest depictions of the winged disc found in Mesopotamia we find it surrounded by 3 other celestial objects. One is star like, with rays representing the sun. (circled in purple), another is a crescent or full moon (circled in green) surrounded by 7 stars representing the Pleiades star cluster also known as the 7 sisters (circled in green). The winged disc (circled in red) being the central and most important symbol, matches with no known celestial object, at least in our present sky.

Freemasonry has been studying ancient religions and esoteric traditions since at least the 1700’s when their first lodge was created. They have adopted many ancient symbols in their organization, and in their artwork, we can find the winged disc and same configuration of celestial objects.

In George Washington’s Masonic apron, the first degree masonic trace board and other illustrations we find the sun, the moon surrounded by 7 stars, and an all seeing eye which replaces the winged disc. In other depictions of the same artwork the all seeing eye is replaced by the more modern pyramid top with an eye inside. Many Masonic lodges and churches use the pyramid with the eye symbol alone, just like the winged disc symbol adorned the many sacred ancient sites.

The only thing that Freemasonry changed from the original configuration of celestial objects was the winged disc for an all seeing eye. In ancient Egypt the winged disc was represented without the other celestial bodies. Likewise the all seeing eye is presented alone like in the back of the US one dollar bill.











In the first degree masonic tracing board we find 3 pillars and a stairway leading up to the all seeing eye, like a stairway to heaven. In the book of Genesis Jacob has a dream in which he meets God who resides at the top of a ladder that reaches to heaven. After waking he raised a rock and set it up as a pillar to commemorate the event. In the ancient past the winged disk represented the home and source of power of the gods. The pillars in the tracing board may very well represent past interjections of a supreme being on planet earth.

While its hard to imagine a celestial object in the shape of an all seeing eye, a winged disc gives a better point of reference. What we know is that in the ancient past, we worshiped an object in the sky that was not our moon or sun. Today this object is still worshiped but in the different shape, that of a pyramid with an eye. This can be traced by studying the evolution in configuration of the winged disc depictions from ancient Mesopotamia till present. The Sumerians called this celestial body NIBIRU and recorded its behavior in stone tablets.

In the Babylonian creation myth the Enuma Elish we read, “Nibiru is [Marduk’s] star, which he made appear in the heavens . . . The stars of heaven, let him [Nibiru] set their course; let him shepherd all the gods like sheep.” For a celestial body to shepherd other planets like sheep its size or density must be very large. In the 1980’s astronomers were able to pinpoint this planet and named it Planet X using the IRAS infrared telescope. In the early 80’s articles posted in the Washington Times, New York Post, and the Encyclopedia Britannica scientists revealed that its size was bigger than that of Jupiter, large enough to overcome the magnetic and gravitational fields of every planet in our solar system. They reveled that Planet X was close enough to be part of our solar system but did not say the duration of its orbit. The winged disc or Planet X was not only a large heavenly object but the home of the Gods of antiquity.

While today’s Royal families trace their kinship to ancient rulers, the royal families of the ancient past traced their lineage to the stars. More specifically, to the one celestial body which has been revered all throughout history, the winged disc. In the masonic tracing board we see a ladder leading up to the all seeing eye which represents the winged disc. This ladder has a striking similarity to Jacobs ladder, at the top of which he met God our creator. The pillars in the tracing board may represent previous encounters with Nibiru and interactions with the Gods of antiquity.

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Archetypes in Entertainment throughout history

Sometimes its hard to think outside the box when you are born inside one. But on a rare occasion you catch yourself in brief moment of lucidity where you see things from a completely different perceptive. Its like looking at the world from from outside yourself and realizing the strangeness of it. For example, I was at the movie theater recently, and while I was enjoying the movie, in other words mesmerized by the flashing lights, I suddenly realized that we were around 200 people seating in a dark room, staring at a projection for hours.


Why would we devote so much time and energy to this strange ritual? The answer lies in the archetypes founds in popular movies. Movies like Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia and video games such as the Elder Scrolls series and Warcraft feature fantastical and far away lands. These themes are the same ones found in mythologies from around the world. Recently, the movie Thor borrowed directly from the Norse creation myths, while the witch craft in Harry Potter resembles that of the ancient Druidic tradition from thousand of years ago. Hollywood is filled with Greek and Roman movies based on myths that can be traced all the way back to the first civilizations in Mesopotamia.









While the movie industry has become saturated with many kinds of films, movies that borrow from ancient tales still captivate our attention and remain strong amidst the crowd. Recently the show Ancient Aliens has suggested that the myths of from around the world were describing real events attributed to an extraterrestrial influence. Others like Immanuel Velikovsky and Zecharia Sitchin cite the obsession of ancient civilizations with the sun and the stars to suggest that these myths actually describe celestial events in space, and were later anthropomorphized. Both theories stress that the reason why we keep retelling old stories in the shape of ritual dances, plays and more recently blockbuster movies, is because they describe events that are of incredible importance to our history. While languages and scriptures may be lost and forgotten, myths and legends transcend time.








I believe that the myths and legends describe a little bit of both, celestial events and extraterrestrial intervention, after all “As above so below.”

Secret societies throughout history such as the Egyptian and Greek Mystery schools, Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, and Freemasonry among others, have explored mythology in the same way. While secret societies have had a head start when it comes to uncovering our true history, the general population has got the ball rolling with shows like ancient aliens, and authors who push these ideas forward, despite being condemned by mainstream history. An area I believe could hold much promise is the study of ancient dance rituals. Perhaps hidden in the patterns of movements hide messages awaiting to be deciphered. After all, just like myths, they have also survived the test of time.











So why do we sit and stare at projections for hours? Because in them are preserved the archetypes that have been filtering into human entertainment since the dawn of civilization. Because before we had the big screen we were already devoting hours listening to stories and legends. Originally, we did as a mean to preserve knowledge, but as time goes by ideas become distorted and today we see them holding no value other than entertainment. Now a days, whenever I see a big movie I can see the mythology all around it, like threads that weave human experience through time and space.


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Prometheus the movie and the Maya sun cycles.

Spoiler Alert.

In the movie Prometheus, the back story and the purpose of the alien giants is never discussed. However, enough clues were provided for one to infer their agenda. As the movie progresses we find out that the outpost the scientists were exploring was built by the giants to work on a biological weapon. When the android was asked where the giants were headed before they had to suspend their take off, he responds, “Sometime to create, one must first destroy.” It becomes clear from the last 15 minutes of the movie that the giants were on a mission to destroy life on earth to give way to new life.

Myths about a race of giants that existed on earth are plenty. The ancient Greeks called them the Titans, in Mesopotamia the king Gilgamesh from The Epic Gilgamesh was powerful giant, the Inca and Maya believe that a race of giants existed prior to modern humans. The Maya however, being such diligent time keepers, tell us exactly when this race existed on earth.


In Prometheus, the pictographs the scientists discovered had pictures of giant people pointing to a constellation in the sky. The oldest of these was a cave painting from around 35,000 B.C. To the Maya, December 21, 2012 marks the end of a 5125 year cycle called a sun. According to the Maya the First Sun was inhabited by a race of giants and began on 23,614 B.C., well in the range of some of the evidence the scientists in the movie presented.


According to the android the giants were headed to earth to destroy its inhabitants with a bio weapon in order to create new life on the planet. Likewise for the Maya, the end of each sun was met with destruction that was necessary for life to blossom anew. In the movie, when the giant is about to rip the android’s head off, he caresses his face first then proceeds to dismember him. This kind gesture seems odd from an alien giant bent on world destruction. It seems that the giant cared for the android, but knew that his mission was more important. The Maya also realized the importance of the cycles. Being more in tune with nature, they anticipated these events and saw a divine mathematical order in them.

In the movie, the female scientists claims that the giants created modern humans and calls them engineers. This is an old idea made popular by Zecharia Sitchin in his books The Earth Chronicles, which he translated from cuneiform Sumerian tablets. In them he states that an alien race called the Anunnaki created humans in their image. He describes the Anunnaki as giant humans with super human powers.


In the opening scene of the movie we see an alien ship flying over the alien planet. One of the giants sees this and commits suicide by drinking a black substance that was later found inside the vases containing the bio-weapon. The ship flying overhead looked nothing like the space ship of the giants, and leads me to conclude that the giants were coming to the end of their cycle, and that the one standing by the waterfall understood this and decided to take his life.

The message in the movie is one of fear and/or understanding. For the scientists and crew, the fear of loosing life on earth overwhelmed their senses and drove their actions. For the Maya, the end of each sun was met with a profound understanding of the cyclical nature of time. They bravely stood by as faithful observers waiting for the day the cycle would end and life would rise anew.

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